Workers Compensation Independent Review Office

The NSW Government established the WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO) in 2012 as part of its reform of the NSW workers compensation system. As a result of further legislative changes effective on 1 September 2015, our name changed to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. We will still be known as WIRO.

WIRO’s primary goal is to help resolve complaints quickly, fairly and justly. it is an independent statutory organisation which:

  • resolves complaints made by workers about insurers (where possible).
  • facilitates access to independent legal advice for injured workers to resolve disputes about entitlements.
  • reviews the procedures used by an insurer to assess work capacity decisions.
  • encourages the establishment of a dispute resolution process between employers and insurers.
  • reports to the Minister on relevant matters.

Further Information

For general enquiries, please email or call 13 94 76

You can also visit Workers Compensation Independent Review Office's website at