Telco Authority

The NSW Telco Authority is responsible for the overall coordination of radio telecommunication services for the NSW Government.

The Authority is working to improve the quality and efficiency of radio services for NSW Government agencies, to effectively manage the Government spectrum holdings, and to consolidate government owned infrastructure, assets and resources to remove unnecessary costs and duplication.

The Authority works with NSW Government agencies that use radio communication as a critical operational requirement. These include emergency services agencies, electricity suppliers and transport agencies, as well as a range of other bodies for which the use of radio complements their main work.

The NSW Telco Authority is governed by a Board of nine part-time members and a Managing Director. The Authority reports to the Minister for Finance, Services and Property on routine matters and the Cabinet sub-committee on Counter Terrorism and Emergency Management on specific matters.

The Telco Authority operates as a standalone Statutory Authority within the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation agency.

Further Information

For general enquiries, please call (02) 9372 7088 or email [email protected] 

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