Teachers Housing Authority

The Teacher Housing Authority (THA) support teachers by providing them with quality housing in areas where the private rental market does not meet their needs. THA owns and manages some 1,500 houses and villa units throughout the State.

THA services are primarily driven by client demand and are directed at isolated rural communities and areas of the State where there is an inadequate private rental market. 

The Authority is also responsible for:

  • the initiation, promotion, commissioning and undertaking of surveys and investigations into the housing needs of teachers

  • the undertaking, promotion and encouragement of research into the design, construction and maintenance of housing suitable for teachers

  • the planning of the provision of a comprehensive and coordinated housing service for teachers throughout New South Wales

  • the provision, conduct, operation and maintenance of a housing service for teachers

  • the advising of, and the making of, reports and recommendations to the Minister for Education and Training in respect of matters relating to the housing of teachers.

Further Information

For general enquiries, please call 1300 137 343 or email thastaff@tha.nsw.gov.au

Visit the Teacher Housing Authority's website at www.tha.nsw.gov.au