Changes in NSW Government fleet

The NSW Government is changing the way it manages its fleet. The change is being implemented in order to lower costs, maximise ongoing competition in price and service levels, and free up approximately $1 billion in capital over the next 4 years which the NSW Government can use on frontline services and infrastructure. The change is also aligned with the broader government policy and budgetary considerations.

On 1 July 2016, StateFleet (the business unit of DFSI that delivered fleet management and leasing services to other government agencies) was decommissioned and replaced with a new fleet supply model. The new model consists of a panel of private sector fleet management providers and a separate panel of lessors.

Rather than a single government owned fleet, the new model will see a fleet manager provider engaged by each government agency to deliver fleet services. The panel of lessors will provide the capital funding to purchase new vehicles for each agency.

The government’s current fleet consists of over 22,000 passenger and light commercial vehicles at an annual cost to taxpayers of around $240 million. The new fleet management supply model will be cost effective and provide government agencies access to best practice fleet management. The existing government owned fleet will be wound down over time.



Minister for Finance and Services media releases:

04-03-2016 New Government Fleet Providers To Drive Down Costs

28-08-2015 Fleet Of The Future To Free Up $1BN



Contact Information

For more information on Contract 300 or 333 and SmartPool:

NSW Procurement Service Centre
McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 1800 679 289           

For all enquiries about new leases (those established on or after 4 July 2016) please contact your agency’s selected fleet management provider:

Sgfleet Australia Pty Ltd
Phone: 02 9494 1024


Smartfleet Management Pty Ltd
Phone: 1300 555 665


The following service email addresses have also been updated:

For issues/enquiries relating to disposals:

For issues/enquiries relating to contract revisions:

For all AP/AR issues and enquiries: