Revenue NSW

As NSW’s principal revenue management agency, Revenue NSW fairly administers State taxation and revenue for, and on behalf of, the people of NSW. We manage fines and administer grants and subsidies to provide valuable assistance to the community and businesses across NSW. We also recover debt to provide an equitable outcome for the community.

Through its revenue management, Revenue NSW helps to deliver government priorities for a fair, safe and prosperous NSW. This includes securing around $30 billion towards the State Budget each year, which goes towards health, education and other services for NSW.

On 31 July 2017 the names Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery were formally replaced with the new name Revenue NSW.

Further Information

For general enquiries, please call (02) 9689 6200 from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. For a specific enquiry, please look up the contacts list for relevant business area.

You can also visit the Revenue NSW website at