NSW Procurement

We support NSW Government agencies to meet their business outcomes:

  • maximise value for money
  • make it easy to do business with government
  • meet probity, fairness and legal compliance requirements
  • encourage sustainability, diversity and a competitive NSW economy
  • support innovation including leveraging data.

It provides innovative procurement services and solutions.

These take place through consultancy and advisory services, category management, analytical support, analysis and guidance, and access to procurement enabling technologies.

The organisation works to meet the demands of the NSW Government’s procurement reform agenda. Central to the reform program is the devolved procurement model.

Guided by the Strategic Directions Statements, the NSW Procurement Board has devolved responsibility for some whole of government contracts to individual NSW Government agencies with specialist knowledge of a category.

The categories that benefit the whole of government will remain the responsibility of NSW Procurement.

We are committed to engaging with industry to develop solutions that are outcomes driven.

This approach, combined with analytics information will inform strategies to reduce red tape and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with doing business with the NSW Government.

Further Information

General enquiries:

NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or [email protected].

Whole-of-government procurement: www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au.