Statement of rights and responsibilities for open data users

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2016 | PDF

This resource forms part of the Information Management Framework

Open data supports government transparency and accountability. It’s also a huge resource for insight, invention and exploration across the wider data and innovation ecosystem.

Public users - including industry, researchers and the community - have the right to access government data and information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA).

The NSW Government Open Data Policy identifies responsibilities for government agencies under six open data principles:

·         Open by default, protected where required

·         Prioritised, discoverable and usable

·         Primary and timely

·         Well managed, trusted and authoritative

·         Free where appropriate

·         Subject to public input

The statement describes rights and responsibilities for people who use open data, according to these same principles.

Let us know what you think online or by email with the subject line Open Data Rights.

Statement of rights for open data users public.pdf (433.93 KB)