Open Data Action Plan

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2016 | PDF

The Open Data Action Plan supports the 2016 update to NSW Government Open Data Policy.  The Action Plan was developed through the NSW Open Data Challenge Workshop, held on 1 December 2015 with users and consumers of open data. The workshop identified 7 initiatives to drive the release of Better, Faster, More Open Data: 

  • Data Request Service (available on Data NSW
  • Open Data Innovation Scorecard
  • Sustaining Open Data
  • dMarketplace - a platform for linking data from government, industry and research, including ratings and comments from other users of the data
  • Making Links with Data
  • Incentivising Open Data & Fostering Innovation - investing in development of skills and capability
  • Connecting Data and Stories

Open_Data_Action_Plan_2016.pdf (48.14 KB)