Foundation Spatial Data Framework

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2015 | PDF

This resource forms part of the Information Management Framework

This document provides an overview of the rationale and development of the NSW Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF). It is a catalogue of the authoritative geographic datasets that underpin, or can add significant value to, any other data or information. The provision of a statewide FSDF ensures the seamless exchange of single source of truth for spatial data.
Foundation spatial datasets:

  • are essential for public safety and wellbeing
  • are critical for a national and state or government function
  • contribute significantly to economic, social and environmental
  • enable innovation by government, industry, research and
    academic sectors.

 The catalogue is organised according to 10 themes:

  1. Administrative Boundaries
  2. Elevation and Depth
  3. Geocoded Addressing
  4. Imagery
  5. Land Parcel and Property
  6. Place Names
  7. Positioning
  8. Transport 
  9. Water
  10. Land Cover

The NSW FSDF was updated in March 2015 with the application of Creative Commons licensing to the foundation datasets. New datasets have also been added. This second edition of the FSDF has seen the application of the NSW Open Data Policy to many of the foundation spatial datasets defined in the framework, making these important NSW Government information assets available for use across all sectors of government, industry and the community.

NSW Foundation Spatial Data Framework v2.0.pdf (4.87 MB)