Progress Update - October 2014

Thanks to all those involved in September's consultation activities.

The 'Digital Government - what do you think?' survey is now closed. Over 1,800* responses were completed online or collected in hard copy. We will publish the survey results as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who participated or helped get the message out.

Thank you to all the community Fusion Room participants. It was a great morning at the University of Technology, hearing about community preferences and priorities for digital government, which will be presented to the Taskforce in October and published here soon.

Thanks also to participants in the Accelerating Digital Government workshops. The workshops drew from the NSW public sector, NGOs, industry and research sectors - who generously contributed their time, expertise and ideas. Consistent themes developed across the three workshops, which are sure to provide food for thought to the Taskforce. Look for the report coming soon.

And finally, thanks to those who have taken the time to present to the Taskforce about specific initiatives taking place in government or industry, sharing lessons and ideas for priority actions.

In October, Nous Group is reporting to the Taskforce on its detailed research and findings on digital government experiences in other jurisdictions, and specific areas of focus for the NSW Government. The Taskforce will hear directly from United Kingdom and Danish representatives about digital government initiatives in their jurisdictions.

The Taskforce will analyse the outcomes of the Nous Group research, and other consultation activities throughout October. The Taskforce will turn its focus to roadmap development, drawing on these sources, with a view to genuine transformation in the NSW Government.

*Initial estimates were 1,500 however the final tally was over 1,800.