Progress update - November 2014

In October, Nous Group reported to the Taskforce on its research into digital government experiences in other jurisdictions. The report identified Singapore, Finland, the United Kingdom and Norway as top performing digital governments across the themes of Service Transformation, Big Data and Information Sharing, Community Engagement and Digital Workplace.

The Taskforce heard directly from New Zealand and United Kingdom representatives about digital government initiatives in their jurisdictions. They also learned about programs underway in Denmark.

Taskforce members also considered the feedback received through community consultation (survey and forum), and consultation with industry and the public sector (series of workshops).

You can access the consultation reports here.

In November the Taskforce is drafting the vision and roadmap to accelerate digital transformation in the NSW Government.

To develop the roadmap, the Taskforce members are drawing on the consultation and research findings, on their diverse experience and also considering the success factors and challenges in other jurisdictions.

The draft roadmap highlights existing reform programs that can be leveraged and accelerated. It will align with related programs of work including Customer NOW, the ICT Strategy and Public Service Commission reforms.

The Taskforce will report to the ICT Board at its 26 November 2014 meeting.