Priorities: Open Government

A smart government is transparent and accountable, and understands that solutions to policy challenges can come from outside government. It collaborates with community and industry partners, encourages participation in the policy formulation and decision making process, and encourages innovation from employees and external stakeholders.

Public service agencies are now more open and collaborative as a result of the reforms commenced under the Strategy. By 2014, the amount of information the NSW Government published online had more than doubled, more agencies conducted customer satisfaction surveys than in previous years, and most NSW Government agencies now had social media policies in place to better engage with customers. This shows a deeper involvement with the community and a commitment to ensuring that there are multiple contact points within government for customers. 

NSW Customer Dashboard

The NSW Customer Dashboard is a digital tool for NSW Government to measure and report performance from a customer perspective on a whole of government basis. The NSW Customer Dashboard will assist in monitoring progress towards the NSW State Priorities, and promotes a culture of accountability by providing a single snapshot of real time data across NSW Government.

Open Government Plans

Government will continue to promote the principles of transparency, collaboration, participation, and innovation to make open government business as usual in NSW. Agencies will publish their open government plans which report progress on implementing the principles and showcase current initiatives. Further work will be undertaken to demonstrate the benefits of open government programs in NSW.

Social Media

Social media platforms can be excellent collaboration tools if they are managed and resourced appropriately. The NSW Government Social Media Policy and Guidelines outline the guiding principles to support agencies to use social media in a way that is open, collaborative, responsive, reliable and appropriate. The Policy will be updated to ensure currency and will include guidance on analytics and other tools.