Data Analytics Centre: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the community impacts / benefits?

The DAC will facilitate projects that will allow the NSW Government to better understand the needs of the community and assist in improving social outcomes and customer services.

2. Will the DAC replace existing NSW Government agency capability?

The DAC will not duplicate work done by existing government entities.

The DAC will complement organisations both inside and outside of Government that currently analyse government data.

The purpose of the DAC is to support NSW Government agencies in navigating the difficult and often complex process of delivering better services, informed by trusted data.

3. What are the projects for the DAC and how have they been selected?

The list of priority projects for the DAC has been developed through a consultation process with key NSW Government agencies.

Future DAC projects will be considered by the NSW Government based upon a number of criteria that will include social, economic and environmental elements.

4. How are you dealing with data security and the threat of cyber-attacks?

Security is paramount. The DAC is required to comply with NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy.

NSW Government agencies must attest to their implementation of the Digital Information Security Policy in annual reports. This includes data that is relevant for potential sharing with the DAC.