Priorities: ICT Skills and Innovation

The ICT Strategy recognises that new sourcing models, including cloud services, require a range of new skills and capabilities including in contract, vendor, and project management.

The ICT workforce management strategy for the NSW Public Sector will account for in-house ICT requirements and future skills needs, and will enable ICT and Human Resource managers across government to carry out recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, workforce and succession planning, and career path activities in a consistent manner. 

The workforce management strategy incorporates the Skills Framework for the Information Age, an internationally recognised capability framework for the ICT sector. The strategy will be piloted in a small number of agencies, before being rolled out across government. 


Implementation Highlights

October 2012 - New cross-agency ICT Skills and Capabilities Working Group established.

December 2012 - NSW Government review of the future skills requirements, current public sector ICT workforce and the overall ICT labour market.