Priorities Graph

The NSW Government ICT Strategy outlines the priority actions that enable and support the government to deliver better services through ICT and to achieve better value from ICT investment:

Service NSW

A new service culture that is responsive to community needs will improve the way we interact and partner with citizens, businesses and non-government organisations to make it easier to do business with government.

Open Government 

A fresh approach to engaging with the public and industry through online and social media technologies will enable Government to enhance transparency and accountability, and deliver better, more targeted services to the community.

Open Data      

Making government data available to industry and the community stimulates the development of innovative approaches to service delivery and new tools for interacting with government at any time and from any location.

Infrastructure and Managed Services

Taking advantage of virtualisation, sourcing as a service and cloud technologies improves the Government’s ICT infrastructure platforms to provide more agile, better and more efficient services.

Procurement Reform

A new approach to ICT procurement enables more effective early engagement with industry, and secures better value from the Government’s $2 billion annual ICT expenditure.

Managing Information for Better Services

Setting a framework of common information standards across government supports the secure reuse of information and data. Improved information management enhances cross-agency service delivery and better coordination with the non-government sector.

ICT Skills and Innovation

Building the right skills in our people and working closely with industry and the research sector ensures that the public sector is well placed to develop ICT-enabled solutions to service delivery challenges.