Governance: Digital Government Advisory Panel

The next phase of digital transformation in NSW Government requires that we focus on greater flexibility and connectivity - data analytics, enterprise architecture, software management, digital payment platforms and cyber security.

This work will benefit from even greater collaboration with specialists in industry, universities and research.

The Digital Government Advisory Panel is a key element in our new approach to digital innovation across government in 2016. Government can learn from how industry does business, from the agile approach of start-ups to new operating models and platforms, the use of smart predictive analytics and much more.

The Panel will advise the ICT Board about how we can better use technology, and how we can build on the reforms to date, to deliver smart, agile government that enables the best ideas to be implemented, that opens up its data as fuel to the digital ecosystem, and invests in the tools that enable us to create the best possible services.

Digital Government Advisory Panel Members

  • Martin Stewart-Weeks (chair)
  • Martin Hoffman
  • Damon Rees
  • Michael Pratt
  • Greg Stone
  • Dr Ian Reinecke AM
  • Joanne Jacobs
  • Marie Johnson
  • Adrian Turner
  • Kelly Bayer Rosmarin
  • Rachna Gandhi
  • Jeremy Tucker