Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce

The Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce was established to develop a roadmap for the transition to digital government in NSW. 

NSW Government understands that advancements in technology, innovation, creativity and the ways we communicate are transforming our lives. 

The Taskforce was established at the request of the NSW Government ICT Board. This step recognises the importance of transforming the public sector, and its interactions with the people of NSW - as customers, clients and industry - to realise the opportunities offered by digital technologies. Read the Terms of Reference.

The work of the Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce concluded in November 2014 with the submission of its roadmap report to the ICT Board. The Board discussed the report and asked for more detailed advice on a number of potential actions to accelerate the transition to digital government. In April 2015, the Office of Finance and Services informed the Board of two cross-cluster workshops, convened by the Customer Service Commissioner to identify priority reform areas and specific initiatives that can be implemented.

In February 2015, the Service Reform Unit was established within the Office of Finance and Services to support digital delivery.  The Unit is adopting customer-centric service design, digital-by-design, and commissioning approaches to assist Office of Finance and Services and the sector to design and deliver better services.

Progress update - November 2014

Progress update - October 2014

Progress update - September 2014

Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce members

  • William Murphy (Chair), Office of Finance and Services
  • Stephen Brady, Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Jane Ridley, Department of Justice
  • Anthony Lean, Office of Finance and Services
  • Michael Woodhouse, Department of Family and Community Services
  • Dr Rachna Gandhi, Service NSW
  • Serdar Avsar, Service NSW
  • Mike Price, Public Service Commission
  • Anthony Wong, ICT Advisory Panel
  • Marie Johnson, ICT Advisory Panel
  • Dr Jodi Steel, NICTA