Governance Structure



The NSW Government’s approach to ICT investment benefits from governance arrangements that ensure senior government decision makers share responsibility for major ICT decisions and whole of government strategic direction.

The ICT Board reports to the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation and comprises secretaries of all the clusters. The ICT Board has a portfolio governance role and maintains high level strategic oversight of ICT programs. The ICT Board is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and the Government Chief Information Officer. 

Communiqués summarise decisions made and issues discussed by the ICT Board.

The ICT Board is supported by the ICT Leadership Group, which comprises chief information officers and senior business managers at the deputy secretary level from across government.

The Digital Council is a community of senior leaders from across NSW Government with a core goal of demonstrating that using a digital approach and putting customers at the centre of service design will deliver better outcomes for citizens. The Digital Council is chaired by Michael Pratt, the Customer Service Commissioner and builds on the work of the Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce. Enquiries regarding the Digital Council should be directed to DigitalCouncil [at]

Expert industry advice is critical to government work programs and ICT matters of local and international significance. The Digital Government Advisory Panel provides advice to the ICT Board on trends and best practice.

The Digital Government Advisory Panel builds on the work of the ICT Advisory Panel. The ICT Advisory Panel advised government from late 2011 to early 2015 on the NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework and the development of the NSW Government ICT Strategy through its participation on the service capability working groups.