About: Human Services Data Hub

The agencies

The Department of Family and Community Services, the Department of Education, Transport for NSW, the Ministry of Health and the Department of Justice contribute data to the Human Services Data Hub (the Hub). The Hub also includes demographic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The situation before

There was no ‘single view’ of human services commissioned by NSW Government agencies. Agencies were using different systems and data standards so it was difficult to share or integrate data about the scope and coverage of human services delivered across NSW.

The project

The Hub is a multi-cluster initiative to share data about the agreements for delivery of human services funded by NSW Government. It is a business intelligence tool which enables aggregated data to be visualised, analysed and cross referenced to other datasets. The data can assist with service planning and management.


The project aligns with the NSW Government ICT Strategy’s Information Management Framework through application of data standards and the memorandum of understanding for information sharing between the agencies. 

The Hub was developed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and is administered by the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Future development and use of the Hub is overseen by the Social Innovation Council (SIC). SIC is a strategic partnership between the NSW Government and the Forum of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA), established to help foster innovation in the way human services are developed, delivered and measured.

Key lessons

Mapping to common standards enables data from different systems to be compared.

Cross-government projects can highlight needs for particular data standards and contribute to the ongoing development of the Information Management Framework.

The results

The Hub allows agencies to identify human services delivered across NSW by service classification, service provider and service delivery location in a secure online portal. Agencies can generate reports and maps relevant to their needs. They can search data by provider, location, client type, service type, value and duration. This transparency can help agencies to identify areas of overlap or service need, and common relationships with providers.

The Hub also aims to support the release of open data through data.nsw.gov.au , the NSW Globe and the HSNet directory of human services. HSNet is a free website available to anyone looking for a service in NSW. Data from the Hub is provided to HSNet, adding to the directory of providers and human services.

Data from the Hub is available on Data NSW as a CSV for analysis or as a KML file which can be dragged and dropped onto the NSW Globe. You can view the number of providers and the number of agreements operating in each Local Government Area (LGA). Direct Agreements provide services in a single LGA. Shared Agreements provide services across multiple LGAs.

On the NSW Globe, you can view this data alongside other data layers, such as census, transport, education and health facilities.

      NSW Globe            

More information about the data is contained in the data quality statement.

Who to contact to learn more

For more information on the Hub please email HSDHadmin@finance.nsw.gov.au.