About the NSW Government ICT Strategy

The NSW Government ICT Strategy sets out a plan to build capability across the public sector in support of better, more customer-focused service delivery, and to derive better value for our $2 billion annual investment in information and communications technology.

Since 2012, the approach taken to ICT investment and services across NSW Government has fundamentally changed. New policy frameworks for cloud services, open government, information management, procurement, ICT skills, and ICT investment have been implemented.

Key Service Capabilities

Providing services anytime anywhere - citizens and business expect convenient and real-time services anywhere and anytime, increasingly through mobile devices.

Community and industry collaboration - using digital channels to interact with the community and industry in policy development, priority setting and service improvement.

Citizen-focused services - new and better services that deliver the 'whole service' from the citizen's perspective, rather than a 'government silo' perspective.

Better information sharing - improving the ability of government to efficiently share and analyse information between departments.

Financial and performance management - leveraging up to date and consistent information about the financial, service and business performance of agencies to drive improved decision making and effective and efficient service delivery.