Insurance & Care NSW

Insurance & Care NSW (icare) is a new organisation created to deliver the State’s insurance and care schemes. It will be a centre of excellence for long-term care needs for people with the most severe injuries (road or workplaces), helping people return to work, and improving quality of life outcomes.

icare delivers insurance and care services to people with injuries under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme, the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, the Dust Diseases Authority, the NSW Self Insurance Corporation (SICorp) and NSW Sporting Injuries Compensation Authority. With $30 billion in assets and $26 billion in liabilities, icare will be the largest general insurance service provider in Australia.

icare is governed by an independent board of directors, which includes the Chief Executive and up to eight non-executive Directors.

It was created under the State Insurance and Care Governance Act 2015 which was passed by the NSW Parliament in August 2015 and is now law.


Further Information

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