The heritage services available from DFSI consists of the Heritage Stoneworks (HSW) team, which provides specialist construction, repair and maintenance services for heritage places, and the Heritage Asset Advisory (HAA) group, which provides a range of professional and technical heritage asset advisory, assurance and compliance services to state and local government.

Heritage Stoneworks (HSW) manages the physical project delivery and construction management of the Minister’s Stonework Program (MSP) and other heritage projects for individual government client agencies. It consists of a skilled workforce of banker masons, stone processors and fixing masons as well as roofers, carpenters and associated trades. Its project management team also collaborates with private sector contractors. HSW is the major employer of apprentices for the heritage stonework industry in NSW. A key responsibility of the HSW team is managing the Minister’s stockpile of high quality sandstone to ensure consistent supply, quality and performance of replacement stone into the future. In 2013 the HSW team received the Trade Skills Award at the NSW National Trust Heritage Awards in recognition of the heritage skills, practices, expertise and commitment to learning and development of trade apprentices within the heritage industry.

The Heritage Asset Advisory (HAA) group leads and manages the Minister’s Stonework Program in the assessment, prioritizing and conservation of our historic sandstone public buildings and related stone infrastructure. HAA can also assist property and facilities managers in government agencies with training and support to develop good conservation strategies and budgets within their overall business operations and heritage asset management obligations. HAA undertakes heritage assessments and provides early advice on statutory compliance, adaptive reuse, infill design; heritage related project assurance and risk management, as well as technical building conservation advice.  The team can assist with managed protection and disposal strategies for heritage assets and site holdings.

HAA and HSW operates a Heritage Prequalification Scheme. Vendors are required to be prequalified in order to provide heitage services to government agencies.

For more information, contact pwaheritage.prequal@finance.nsw.gov.au