Data Centre Reform

In 2012 the New South Wales Government adopted a fundamentally new approach to the use of information and communications technology. This new approach is based on the idea of ICT being readily available “on tap”, or “as-a-service”, rather than the traditional approach of buying hardware and software. You will find more information in the NSW Government ICT Strategy.  To make this new approach possible the NSW Government had to rethink all of its aging data centres.

In response, the Government has committed more than $130 million, as part of a 10-year lease contract, engaging the private sector to design, build and operate two, world-class data centres in Silverwater and Illawarra. 

These Government Data Centres (GovDC) will consolidate 130 existing NSW Government data centres to support the new approach to buying and using ICT services “on-tap”. They allow large and small agencies to access additional data centre resources without major capital expenditure.

All government agencies aim to relocate their data centre infrastructure into these facilities by August 2017.

The data centres are purpose built, modern, reliable, energy efficient and secure. They operate 24/7, have the ability to grow and provide a level of reliability many agencies could not previously afford!

A Marketplace has been established within the data centres to allow private suppliers to take space and supply ‘as a Service’ or ‘Community Cloud’ services to agencies. 12 major private suppliers are now established in the Marketplace including IBM, Fujitsu and NTT.

The key benefits of GovDC will be:

  • known and transparent costs into the future
  • improved technical and operational standards
  • modern, certified facilities improving ICT reliability
  • reduced data centre electricity usage, reducing environmental impact and costs.

For more information, please see the GovDC website here.