Government Business Processes

Corporate Shared Services (CSS) provides sector-wide support to NSW government agencies in the reform of their corporate and shared services operations. The program operates as a division within Strategic Policy at the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DSFI).

In 2009 the Government amalgamated some 160 separate agencies into nine department clusters and created an opportunity to consolidate the corporate and shared ‘back office’ processes of those agencies. CSS was set up to support and enable departments to progress on their Corporate and Shared Services Reforms journey.

The processes are platform independent and can be deployed successfully across such platforms and tools as SAP, SAP (HANA), Oracle, Prince2 and ARIS, etc.

CSS Team Vision

CSS consolidates and assists Cluster Corporate Shared Services Reform Programs at either individual Clusters or as part of whole of Government Reforms. 

The CSS team's mission is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between agencies. As part of this supportive role, CSS hosts quarterly meetings at DSFI to inform and educate key agency stakeholders and staff about the evolving reforms and the latest elements in, and application of, the NSW Government Standard Business Processes.

CSS Team Goals

The goals of CSS are to:

  • Empower and support agencies in their CSS journey through the provision of a range of services that help them consolidate and standardise the delivery of their corporate and shared service support functions in a shorter timeframe, with greater efficiency and at less costs.
  • Empower Industry to better understand the Government’s CSS Reform and support them in the design and delivery of ERP related products and services tailored to meet the continued and emerging needs of the NSW Government.
  • Manage and maintain as current a federated business processes repository.
  • To be the first 'port of call' for agency staff to call upon prior to engaging expensive external resources.

CSS Products and Services

The CSS team has developed a range of products and services which enables it to support agencies in service delivery. Core activities include:

  • Supporting agencies in the implementation of the Shared Services Reform
  • Providing agencies with products and services that assist with the implementation of shared services
  • Training, particularly ARIS modeller training
  • Delivery of online training and accreditation for Industry vendors
  • Ongoing maintenance of the existing standard business processes including updates or new releases e.g. Asset Management and ARIS updates
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of the ARIS technical solution including, technical support for agencies, testing and release of software updates and maintenance of the ARIS Publisher sites.
  • Through the sharing of our intellectual property with industry, to encourage vendors to adjust their offerings to be compliant with Government requirements, developing mutuality between Government and industry and therefore customers.

Contacting the CSS Team

The CSS team has a comprehensive communications suite available to Agencies, to help inform and educate about the Program and keep them updated on the latest news and information. As well as digital communications, the Business Process Management website, was launched in April 2015 and there are several case studies being developed with the participation of the Agencies involved.

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