NSW Government Standard Business Processes

The NSW Government Standard Business Processes are a suite of end-to-end processes and business systems for Finance, Procurement, Human Resources Management (HR), Work Health & Safety, IT Service Management and Enterprise Asset Management. The processes were contextualised for NSW Government through consultation with Clusters and Agencies. Some Agency localisations, seen as beneficial to whole of Government have been incorporated along with policy/ technology updates.

NSW Government Standard Business Processes have been improved over time with the latest Version 7.4 (V7.4).

Version 7.4

Version 7.4 was released on Friday, May 10th 2019 and retired in October 2019 as a result of the review and development of the new Corporate Services Customer Journeys (CSCJ) processes by ERP 2.0 Modernisation Program.

This release was focused on business process improvements across Finance, HR and Procurement. New business processes have been added and existing business processes enhanced with input from Agencies and policy/ technology updates.

Key features of this release include ‘Contract Management’ process group added to the Procurement functional area, Virtual Purchasing Card processes added to the Finance functional area and ATO Single Touch Payroll reporting process added to the HR functional area. The latest Treasury NSW, NSW Procurement and Public Service Commission policies have been added to policy libraries and mapped to relevant processes, including Faster Payment Terms Policy

The optimisation of business process improvements can now be leveraged by Agencies across their Service Delivery and Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Departments have adopted the standards at various stages of development and have added localisations.

How Agencies can leverage the NSW Government Standard Business Processes

  • Reference business processes to begin with
  • Whole of Government policy built in
  • Roles for organisation design
  • Requirements for system selection or implementation
  • Metrics for benchmarking and process effectiveness

How Industry can leverage the NSW Government Standard Business Processes

  • Access processes
  • Develop services, systems to meet NSW Government needs

Note: NSW Government is no longer accepting new applications for access to these legacy processes. Existing subscribers to the legacy processes can request an access to the last version (V7.4) which will be provided until 30 June 2020.

If you are approved supplier on category Q, please contact ICT Procurement for arranging access to the processes.