Better Regulation

Better regulation leads to a better-performing economy, makes it easier to start and operate a business, increases the competitiveness of doing business in NSW, and improves customer satisfaction with government services.

The NSW Government is committed to best practice regulation. The requirements of the Guide to Better Regulation remain current.


The seven principles of Better Regulation

The principles should be applied when designing and developing regulatory proposals. This ensures that each proposal is required, reasonable and responsive to the economic, social, and environmental needs of business and the community.

  1. The need for government action should be established
  2. The objective of government action should be clear
  3. The impact of government action should be properly understood by considering the costs and benefits of a range of options, including non-regulatory options
  4. Government action should be effective and proportional
  5. Consultation with business and the community should inform regulatory development
  6. The simplification, repeal, reform or consolidation of existing regulation should be considered
  7. Regulation should be periodically reviewed, and if necessary reformed to ensure its continued efficiency and effectiveness


Regulatory Impact Assessment

All new and amending regulatory proposals must demonstrate that the better regulation principles have been applied.

The requirements of the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 also continue to apply for new and amending statutory rules (that is, regulations, rules, ordinances and by-laws).

For significant new and amending regulatory proposals, a Better Regulation Statement (BRS) must be prepared. A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) can be used in its place by adding a more comprehensive impact analysis and the results of consultation.

To enable public scrutiny of regulatory decisions, agencies must publish a Better Regulation Statement (BRS), or a Regulatory Impact Statement if submitted in lieu of a BRS, on agency websites after a Bill is introduced into Parliament or a Regulation is published in the Gazette.

A selection of publicly available Better Regulation Statements and Regulatory Impact Statements are listed below:


Transport and Infrastructure


Finance, Services and Innovation






Planning and Environment