Disclosure Logs 2017- 2018

Surchage Puchaser Duty

1. The number and value of "4% surcharge purchaser duty" payments that Revenue NSW has collected from foreign property uyters from 30 June 2017 to 10 April 2018. A monthly breakdown of the data is also provided.

Boarding House List

Sought the entire list of boarding houses registered within NSW, from the boarding house register

Asking for the entire database from the boarding house register for NSW

OneGov Expenses 2014-2015 to 2016-2017

1. A year by year breakdown of OneGov’s total expenses for:

a) 2014-15

b) 2015-16

c) 2016-17

2. A year by year breakdown of OneGov’s expenses on developing apps for:

Speeding fines 2017

The number and value of speeding fines issued by fixed digital speed cameras and by NSW Police, according to the offender’s postcode, for the calendar year 2017.

Planning controls - Glebe, Sydney

Planning reports, heritage assessments, studies, submissions and correspondence between Property NSW and the Department of Planning and Environment, City of Sydney and the Minister’s Office relating to the amended planning controls for 357 Glebe Point Road, Glebe as part of the Sydney LEP 2

Bicycle Fines - riding without helmet

For financial years 2011-2012 through 2015-2016 -

1. the number of penalty notices issued for the offence of 'ride bicycle not wearing approved helmet properly fitted or fastened' broken down by:

Contracts in relation to stadiums

A list of contract details from 1 July 2011 to the current date where government agencies have engaged contractors to provide services in relation to stadiums

a) Please provide the dollar amount of the contract.

Parking Space Levy 2010-11 to 2017-18

For the financial years 2010-11 to 2017-18:

Land Tax and Duty in NSW, Byron Shire, and Vaucluse

1. How much land tax was generated in NSW based on assessments for the 2017 assessment year issued to 12-Feb-2018?

Vacant NSW Government Office Space

The most recent documents, such as a reports, ministerial/executive briefings and attachments, showing the vacant NSW government office buildings showing:

a) The number of vacant NSW government-owned buildings;

b) The address of each building;


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