DFSI advertises all vacancies on I work for NSW - the NSW Government jobs website. 

Some jobs may be advertised in other publications, or on other jobs websites like Seek or My Career.

At DFSI we select employees for all jobs based on merit.  This means a recruitment selection panel will select the person whose skills, knowledge and experience best match the job requirements.  The information you provide in a written application, at interview and other assessment processes and checks enables the selection panel to compare all applicants and select the best person for the job.

Before you apply

You can make your application more successful if you consider these steps:

  1. Read the job advertisement carefully - All job ads will include a brief description of the job, information on how to apply and a closing date for applications. Keep a copy of the advertisement for your future reference.
  2. Obtain the Information Package - The advertisement gives you basic information, but it is important to obtain the Information Package from the contact person named in the advertisement or download the Information Package if a link in the job advertisement is available. Documents in the package may include a job description, organisational chart and other material to help you understand the position.
  3. Speak to the Contact Person - After you read the Information Package, you should have a better idea about the job and may have some questions. You can phone or email the contact person named in the job ad to help find answers. Talking to the contact person may also give you a better understanding of the job and what to emphasise in your application.
  4. Other information - Get as much extra information as you can to write a good application. You may want to look at our website, Annual Report or other publications.  DFSI is a large and diverse organisation and this information may help you understand where and how the job vacancy fits in our organisation.

Tips on applying

To be considered for an interview it is very important to address all the requirements set out in the job ad and Information Package.

You will generally be asked to provide a covering letter and resume and you may be asked to answer some additional questions or provide further written information.  This information helps the selection panel decide who is the best person for the job.  These questions are often called "Selection Criteria".

If Selection Criteria are set out in the job ad your application may need to include a specific response to them.  The job ad will tell you what to provide when you apply.

So, in summary you will generally need to provide:

  1. A covering letter
  2. A resume
  3. A response to any additional questions asked

You will be most successful throughout your application if you clearly explain how your skills and experiences show you are the best person for the job. 

The Selection Panel

Selection panels usually have two people, a man and a woman.  Depending on the job being advertised, there may be more people on the selection panel.  One member of the selection panel is generally the manager of the job being advertised.  This is usually the Contact Person named in the job ad.  All members of the selection panel will participate in the interviews for the position and in deciding who is the best person for the job.  The contact person will be able to tell you more about the selection panel for a job being advertised.