The DFSI Experience

The Department of Finance and Services (DFSI) values employees and the experiences they bring to the workplace.  To attract and retain a diverse range of people, DFSI offers a variety of flexible work-life-family balance programs and programs to address the needs of various groups, so as to create an exciting and vibrant workplace.


  • We recognise the importance of providing our people with more than just a job.
  • We provide a range of challenging work experiences to keep our staff engaged and motivated.
  • We are diverse, from the work we do to the people who do it.
  • We invest in our leaders to provide a better working environment for all.
  • We value the collective wisdom that comes from our experienced staff.
  • We place a strong emphasis on life-long learning and encourage you to broaden your skills and knowledge.
  • We welcome new ideas on how to do things better.
  • We understand that managing life’s priorities has its challenges and rewards.
  • You’ll be part of an organisation dedicated to strong professional and ethical values.

Build your career

We offer a rich and broad range of experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth.  We know it’s important to build the skills, knowledge and experience of everyone who works for us. More about building your career at DFSI

Enjoy the benefits

Develop a strong sense that the work you do makes a difference to the lives of people within New South Wales.  Enjoy the experience of having a job that offers excellent conditions in a professional and ethical environment. More about enjoying the benefits at DFSI

Work-Life-Family Balance

We understand that managing life’s priorities has its challenges and rewards.  That’s why we have flexible work-life programs that allow you to manage your workload as only you can. More about work-life-family balance at DFSI

Commitment to Diversity and Equity

We believe that diversity makes our organisation an exciting and vibrant place to work.  Our differences are a valuable asset that gives us a unique capability to support the delivery of our services to the community. More about commitment to diversity and equity at DFSI