Enjoy the benefits

Develop a strong sense that the work you do makes a difference to the lives of people within New South Wales. Enjoy the experience of having a job that offers excellent conditions in a professional and ethical environment.

At DFSI, you will join the NSW public sector, which has a long history of genuinely caring for, developing and retaining our people. We believe this is fundamental to delivering quality services and public value to the community of NSW.

Recognising this, NSW public service conditions are some of the best in Australia, with competitive salary packages and flexible working arrangements designed to actively respond to our people’s work life balance.

Our standard working week is 35 hours, which can be worked flexibly over the five days within the operations of our flexible working hours arrangement.

DFSI people also have access to an extensive range of flexible working arrangements including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Job sharing/telecommuting
  • Changing from full time to part time work when home life changes occur
  • Working from home
  • Career breaks

Staff also have generous leave arrangements, including long-service leave, personal and carer's leave, special leave and leave without pay in special circumstances.

Additionally, recent changes to the public service award have increased the period of paid maternity leave to 14 weeks and paternity leave to 5 days full pay or 2 weeks half pay. The award also provides access to the Federal Government’s recently announced national paid parental leave scheme.