Commitment to Diversity and Equity

We believe that diversity makes our organisation an exciting and vibrant place to work.  Our differences are a valuable asset that gives us a unique capability to support the delivery of our services to the community.

Our diversity and equity programs recognise cultural and community needs and expectations, deliver social justice outcomes to clients and staff, reflect best practice and comply with statutory and legislative requirements. Additionally, they encourage us to:

  • Recognise the value of individual differences
  • Increase innovation and fresh perspectives
  • Deliver improvements in workplace practices
  • Heighten understanding of our diverse client’s needs

Our commitment to achieving equity and diversity in the DFSI workplace is reflected in our Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plan, which seeks to implement strategies for EEO groups including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • members of racial, ethnic or ethno-religious groups
  • people with disability
  • women

DFSI has the following strategies, plans and programs to assist EEO groups to overcome disadvantage:

  • Networks for members of EEO groups such as the Disability Network and the Indigenous Staff Network
  • Tailored training and development for EEO groups
  • Targeted employment programs for members of EEO groups
  • Women’s Employment & Development Programs
  • Multicultural Policies and Services Programs

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

DFSI is committed to meeting or exceeding targets for government agencies’ employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, and providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff with the opportunity to develop and progress their careers., including:

  • National Indigenous Cadetship Program
  • Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Program
  • Indigenous Traineeship Program
  • Indigenous Apprenticeship Program
  • Aboriginal Cultural Education Course
  • Indigenous Staff Network.

Members of racial, ethnic or ethno-religious groups

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovations has a variety of programs and initiatives for members of racial, ethnic or ethno-religious groups (also referred to as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) groups).

The CALD groups program aims to: 

  1. Establish DFSI as an employer of choice for CALD groups.
  2. Maintain CALD group participation in senior and non-traditional roles.
  3. Provide access to leadership and development opportunities for CALD employees.
  4. Provide networking and mentoring opportunities for CALD personnel.
  5. Monitor CALD group employment and development issues.

“I have really enjoyed the chance to attend writing skills training for people from non English speaking backgrounds. It has increased my opportunities for promotion.” Staff feedback.

“The cultural diversity course gave me an opportunity to learn and think about cultural differences. I think this will impact on how I work with others in the future.” Staff feedback

People with disability

DFSI Disability Inclusion Action Plan outlines our commitment to implement strategies to enhance the opportunities available to people with a disability in our workplace.

People with a disability at DFSI have access to:

  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Targeted skills development and training
  • Support networks
  • Awareness raising sessions for staff around Disability
  • Providing career development opportunities

“I gained a bit more self confidence which I hope will enable me to do all the things we discussed especially planning and overcoming career constraints. In attending this course I think I am more determined in progressing from my current position with the knowledge and skills I obtained” Staff feedback from Career Management Program for People with a Disability.

I will apply (the learnings) in my current role to try and improve my skill level. I will also apply it in thinking about and planning my next career move” Staff feedback from the Career Management Program for People with a Disability.


DFSI is committed to providing opportunities at all levels of the organisation for women and creating a workplace culture that is supportive for women by recognising some of the specific challenges women face.

DFSI provides a wide range of initiatives for women:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Excellent maternity leave conditions and pay
  • Carer and parental leave
  • Access to skills development and training programs
  • Networking opportunities and targeted mentoring programs

DFSI is a Breastfeeding Association accredited workplace and is also a strong advocate of the National Association for Women in Construction.

“I appreciate the fact that when I return from maternity leave, I can access a dedicated room so that I can continue breastfeeding my baby.” Staff feedback

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the pilot mentoring course for women. I have really learnt many things from it and I think it has inspired me to take up a new challenge in my career.” Staff feedback