Unique Millers Point Property on the Market

A unique Millers Point terrace comprising eight one-bedroom apartments has been listed for auction by Government Property NSW on behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services. 

85-87 Kent Street includes a three-storey 19th century residence and a contemporary infill building erected in 2000.

The two residences have been internally altered to create one apartment building and will be sold in one line at auction on 13 April. 

The property remains subject to a Conservation Management Plan, endorsed by the NSW Heritage Council, providing prospective purchasers with clear instructions on preserving and maintaining the heritage components of the property.

Constructed in the 1870s, 85 Kent Street was built on land which was originally used as a private stone quarry and was largely inhabited by workers associated with the local maritime trade.

87 Kent Street was constructed by the Department of Housing in 2000 when 85 Kent Street was extensively altered to create individual apartments across the two buildings.

Proceeds from the sale of Millers Point properties are being reinvested into 1,500 new social housing dwellings across the state, with 100 dwellings already completed. 

85-87 Kent Street will be marketed for sale by McGrath Estate Agents.

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