Ten Millers Point Properties on the Market

Government Property NSW, on behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services, has announced plans for the sale of 10 more properties in Millers Point.

Millers Point has emerged as one of the most sought after locations in Sydney and the Government is responding to market demand by listing these properties.

Proceeds from the sale of Millers Point properties are being reinvested into 1,500 new social housing dwellings across the state, with 100 dwellings already completed.

Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) endorsed by the NSW Heritage Council are included in contracts for sale for all heritage listed properties in Millers Point. These contracts ensure new property owners are fully informed of their responsibilities when purchasing a heritage listed property.

Owners of heritage protected properties are required to undertake maintenance, restoration and development activities in accordance with those CMPs.

The following properties have been listed for sale today:

20 & 22 Kent Street: Neighbouring two and three bedroom residences, part of a group of three two storey terraces constructed on the site of a former quarry cutting in the 1870s.

28 Kent Street: A four bedroom two storey terrace built in the 1870s that was previously a barber shop and restaurant.

46 Kent Street: Known as ‘Chelsea House’ – this property is a five bedroom, two storey terrace built for local auctioneer William Higstrim in the early 1870s.

38 Argyle Place: A four bedroom residence, part of the ‘Wentworth Terrace’ row built by the prominent Merriman family in 1887-1888.

40 Argyle Place: A three bedroom terrace that was occupied in the late 1880s by champion rower Charles A. Bros.

60 Argyle Place: A wide, grand three bedroom terrace in the Grimes’ Buildings row.

51 Lower Fort Street: Known as ‘Wendovir’, this four bedroom, three storey property is part of Palermo Terrace, constructed in the mid-1880s.

63 Lower Fort Street: A three bedroom residence inVermont Terrace and an example of early Federation Queen Anne architecture.

71 Lower Fort Street: This three bedroom two storey residence, part of Eagleton Terrace, was built in 1876 by local shipwright, Robert Drysdale.

The properties will be marketed by McGrath Estate Agents and will go to auction on 25 February.

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60 Argyle Place

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63 Lower Fort Street