Dominic Perrottet MP
Minister for Finance, Services and Property

Ride-Sharing Now Available For NSW Public Servants

Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Dominic Perrottet today announced the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) will be the first NSW Government department to include ride-sharing services as a transport option for its public servants, as part of a push to reduce the Government’s overall travel expenditure.

 The announcement follows the NSW Government’s decision to legalise services like UberX and GoCar in December last year, as part of a package of reforms to point-to-point transport that will modernise the regulatory framework and provide greater consumer choice.

 Mr Perrottet said there was no reason the potential benefits of ride-sharing couldn’t be extended to government, including possible cost savings.

 “Governments shouldn’t be shackled to legacy systems and processes – we should move with the times and take advantage of what the collaborative economy has to offer,” Mr Perrottet said.

 “Sometimes public servants need to get around quickly and conveniently in the course of their work, but last financial year the NSW Government spent more than $8 million on taxis alone,” he said. 

“If adding ride-sharing to the transport mix for public servants means we can save taxpayer dollars, we shouldn’t waste any time exploring that option.”

 DFSI employees who are required to travel for work in NSW will now be able to choose the most suitable and best value transport option from taxi, ride-sharing and public transport services. 

 While DFSI is the first department to include ride-sharing as a work-related option for public servants, the Government will assess whether this should be extended to other NSW government agencies in the coming months.