Public Warning - Interstate Relocation Specialist

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued another warning to the public not to deal with Christopher Wayne Stanley Boyce who has previously traded as Bustamove Removals and now trades as Interstate Relocation Specialist at

The Commissioner issued a public warning about Mr Boyce and Bustamove Removals on 11 July this year, following which Mr Boyce commenced trading under the unregistered business name Interstate Relocation Specialist.

His business practices pose an ongoing threat of consumer detriment due to him:

  • failing to arrive at all for pick-up, having accepted a deposit or full payment
  • failing to arrive for pick-up on time or within a reasonable time
  • losing items and delivering broken and damaged items and furniture
  • not providing receipts for payments
  • not providing the services the consumer pays for such as an empty truck or a truck with requested dimensions
  • not providing contracts or insurance (when requested)
  • purporting to include insurance in the services but not obtaining any
  • not providing the accompanying packaging services such as boxes or protective packaging material the consumer pays for
  • charging extra for storage and the subsequent delivery of 'stored' items
  • requiring payment before accepting to provide a service.

The Commissioner said Mr Boyce habitually has not returned calls, emails or text/SMS messages when consumers attempt to contact him.

“Fair Trading takes the view Mr Boyce has breached provisions of the Australian Consumer Law and consumers who deal with him could suffer a significant financial loss,” he said.

“Moving is a stressful enough experience and the last thing consumers need is to suffer the insult of lost and damaged goods and inappropriate trader behaviour.

“Consumers should check internet product and service reviews for traders they are intending to deal with before committing to contracts or payment of any money. They are also advised not to automatically accept the lowest price quoted without further inquiry. In addition, consumers should not feel compelled to purchase based upon undue sales pressure from traders.”

This is also the case if consumers are using trader (removalist) locating or brokering (removalist) services on the internet and those businesses recommend Interstate Relocation Specialist.

NSW Fair Trading has commenced enforcement action against Mr Boyce and his businesses.

For more information, please see the factsheet from Fair Trading on tips when moving.