Public Warning: Do not deal with Robert James Wallace, Mustang Stables

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is urging the public not to deal with Robert James Wallace, who trades under the name Mustang Stables.

Between 5 January 2015 and 15 October 2015, Mr Wallace allegedly received payments of tens of thousands of dollars from six consumers to import and restore Mustang cars from the USA.

Mr Wallace entered into contracts with the consumers to supply them with the completed vehicles within four to six months, but has failed to do so.

Mr Wallace and Mustang Stables are known to have advertised their services on the internet on websites such as Gumtree and Car Sales. Consumers are warned against dealing with them.

Neither Mr Wallace nor Mustang Stables holds a licence with NSW Fair Trading. They are not authorised to sell or repair motor vehicles.

The Commissioner said it was in the public interest for NSW Fair Trading to issue a public warning under section 86A of the Fair Trading Act 1987.

“If Mr Wallace is allowed to trade, there is potential for serious financial detriment to consumers,” Mr Stowe said.

Consumers who have dealt with Robert James Wallace or Mustang Stables, and who have not received the vehicle within the agreed timeframe, should contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or visit