Public Warning - Do not deal with Cassandra Nicole Cooney


NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is urging the public not to deal with Cassandra Nicole Cooney also known as Cassandra Voros, who has traded and/or is trading as:

Ms Cooney operates online bond cleaning businesses that offer bond cleaning services to consumers in capital cities around Australia.

Since 2012, NSW Fair Trading has received more than 80 complaints from consumers about businesses controlled by Ms Cooney.

The complaints relate to businesses accepting payment for cleaning services and then failing to supply those services.

Consumers have often been unable to contact the business they dealt with or Ms Cooney or obtain a full refund.

The average amount paid and lost by a consumer is more than $300. Typically, clients are renters vacating a property, requiring cleaning by a specific date in order to have their rental bond returned.

As a result, the detriment suffered is often the money paid to Ms Cooney as well as the cost of obtaining an alternative cleaner on short notice and may involve the loss of their rental bond.

Ms Cooney is regularly unresponsive to contact by consumers. When complaints and negative online reviews accumulate, she often shuts down the trading entity and its website.

On occasions where she provides a response, she commonly disputes the consumer’s claims and only provides a partial refund, charging a cancellation fee of $250 if the consumer does not reschedule within 72 hours.

The Commissioner said it was in the public interest for NSW Fair Trading to issue a public warning under section 86A of the Fair Trading Act 1987.

Ms Cooney is currently the subject of a public warning by Northern Territory Consumer Affairs as well as enforcement action by Queensland Fair Trading authorities.  

Fair Trading is currently investigating Ms Cooney with a view to potential prosecution.

Consumers who have dealt with Cassandra Nicole Cooney also known as Cassandra Voros or any of her businesses and who have not been provided services should contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or visit

The Commissioner also recommended anyone paying for bond cleaning should consider paying by credit card because of the charge-back protection it provides should there be a dispute concerning provision of service.