Dominic Perrottet
Minister for Finance, Services and Property

Public Service Decentralisation Plan On-track

NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet today announced 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta as the preferred site to accommodate around 1,800 Department of Education staff, currently housed in CBD office space.

DEXUS Property Group will deliver 25,000 square metres of A-grade office space at the site, following an Expressions of Interest process undertaken by Government Property NSW.  The new building is due to be completed by early 2018.

Mr Perrottet said the relocation would stimulate business and employment opportunities in Western Sydney, improve value for NSW taxpayers, and deliver world-class, fit-for-purpose office space for Department of Education staff.

“Public servants simply don’t need to be housed in ivory towers in the CBD – wherever possible they should be close to the people they serve, and in areas where the economy and population are booming,” Mr Perrottet said.

Under its “Decade of Decentralisation” policy, the Government has committed to reducing its CBD office space holdings by at least 100,000 square metres by 2021 and moving those jobs out to metropolitan and regional areas.

Excluding the Department of Education’s move to Parramatta, the Government has already reduced its CBD office holdings by more than 38,000 square metres, and relocated 1,920 department jobs out of the CBD (including 973 to Western Sydney) from departments including Family and Community Services; Industry, State & Regional Development; Transport and Finance.

“Before this announcement we were already more than one third of the way to meeting our 2021 decentralisation target,” Mr Perrottet said. 

“Education’s move to Parramatta will see us reaching around two thirds of our commitment, and I fully expect that not only will we meet the full 100,000 square metre reduction, but on current projections, we will go even further.”

Member for Parramatta, Geoff Lee said, “1,800 jobs is a great result for Parramatta.  I look forward to welcoming the staff to our vibrant city. They will make a wonderful contribution to Parramatta’s growing workforce.”

The transfer of Department of Education staff to Parramatta will commence in 2018, and is expected to be completed by 2020.