Greg Pearce MLC
Minister for Finance and Services

Protests Another Labor Scare Campaign

The Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce says ongoing protests by two western Sydney Federal Labor MP’s over the transport of waste from Hunters Hill to Kemps Creek is an election stunt designed to scare locals just to win votes.

Mr Pearce said claims by the Member for Lindsay, David Bradbury and the Member for McMahon, Chris Bowen that dangerous radioactive waste will be dumped at Kemps Creek are wrong and is nothing more than a scare campaign.

"It's despicable but predictable behaviour by these MPs and shows just how are desperate they are to hold onto their seats," Mr Pearce said.

“The NSW Government has already given a commitment not to transport hazardous radioactive material to the Kemps Creek waste storage facility and our promise is firm,” he said.

Mr Pearce said the Kemps Creek complex is not licensed to accept hazardous radioactive waste.

"They can't accept it and they won't accept it,” Mr Pearce said.

“If any material at Hunters Hill is found to be hazardous it will be assessed by experts from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) on site and removed to facility at Lidcombe equipped to handle and store it.

"I repeat, it can't go to Kemps Creek and it won't go to Kemps Creek,” he said.

Mr Pearce said Premier Barry O’Farrell recently asked Mr Bowen and Mr Bradbury to come up with an alternative site to Lidcombe for the storage of hazardous waste.

“The Premier had even offered to pay for the shipment of waste if the Labor MPs could provide a solution,” he said.

"They have not come up with anything and their best plan to date involves a media stunt and needlessly alarming the residents," he said.

"No wonder they are worried about losing their seats."