NSW Government hires open and digital government expert Pia Andrews

NSW Government hires open & digital government expert Pia Andrews

The NSW Government is delivering on its commitment to remain a leading digital government with the announcement of its latest hire, Pia Andrews.

Pia is a proven and inspiring innovator and advocate for genuine change in the public sector, and was recently named one of the world’s top 20 most influential people in digital government. She brings a long history of working with technology in private, public and community sectors, and a focus on transforming governments for better public services, and enabling innovation through digital public infrastructure.

Martin Hoffman, Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, said he was enormously pleased to recruit someone of this calibre to the NSW Government.

Pia will take on the role of Executive Director of Digital Government, reporting to Government Chief Information and Digital Officer Greg Wells. She will commence in this role 24 September 2018.

“Pia is well respected worldwide and brings decades of experience in open data, open government, digital transformation and government as an API. She brings a unique and effective blend of systems thinking, technical creativity and vision. Her experience, passion and drive are a perfect fit for the role of Executive Director for Digital Government and I look forward to seeing Pia and her team support greater collaboration, innovation and digital transformation across the NSW Government for the benefit of our communities and economy,” said Mr Hoffman.

“Pia comes from leading a cross agency Service Innovation Lab for the New Zealand Government and we’re pleased to bring her back across the Tasman to NSW. We are building a world class digital team to dramatically improve services for the people of NSW.”

For her part, Pia is sad to leave New Zealand, but delighted to join the NSW Government. “The leadership from Martin Hoffman and Greg Wells is extraordinary and provides a unique opportunity to work in a senior executive team that is committed to systemic transformation. I learned much from my short time in New Zealand and found there a way of connecting and being open that will always keep my family anchored there, so I’m particularly delighted that we will be forging a partnership between the New Zealand Service Innovation Lab and the NSW Government Digital NSW Acceleration (DNA) Lab to collaborate on this important work.”

Photo: Access Granted NZ