Matt Kean
Minister for Better Regulation

New laws cracking down on dodgy gifts from Christmas Grinch

New Fair Trading powers that will help consumers deal with defective Christmas gifts come into effect today.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner will be able to direct traders to refund, repair or replace eligible goods.

“Christmas joy can turn into pain if you’ve ended up giving or receiving a defective gift,” Mr Kean said.

“It can be even more frustrating if the store you bought it from is unwilling to help.

“This new power means the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner can more quickly resolve complaints.”

Mr Kean said the new power will give customers peace of mind during Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

“Consumers may be eligible for a direction from Fair Trading if they can’t resolve the issue directly with the business or through the complaints process,” Mr Kean said.

It applies to products that meet certain criteria, including being valued between $25 and $3,000.

“The new power will offer a fair, quick and cheap resolution option as an alternative to the courts and tribunals. It’s another way the NSW Liberals & Nationals are putting consumers first.”

Mr Kean said Christmas is the perfect time for shoppers to become familiar with their consumer rights.

“Retailers can’t refuse repairs, refunds or replacements if the goods are defective, even if the shop advertises no refunds,” Mr Kean said.

“Most retailers do the right thing but these new powers will help protect shoppers from being taken for a ride these holidays.”

Consumers should contact Fair Trading or visit for more information about their rights and the new consumer guarantee directions.