Greg Pearce MLC
Minister for Finance and Services

Labor Hypocrisy Over Hunters Hill Remediation Plan

Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce today accused NSW and Federal Labor of rank hypocrisy over the plan to remove waste from a site in Hunters Hill to a licensed facility in Kemps Creek.

Mr Pearce said the NSW Government is once again cleaning up a mess that the previous Government promised to do something about but failed to act upon.

“We are moving ahead and finally cleaning up blocks of land in Nelson Parade at Hunters Hill which once housed a uranium ore processing plant.

“The previous Government had years to deal with this, carried out endless inquiries, made promises to fix it, but did nothing.

“Now, even Federal Labor is getting on the bandwagon by launching a petition to stop this work going ahead – nothing but sheer hypocrisy,” he said.

Mr Pearce once again emphasised that the waste planned to go to Kemps Creek facility poses no greater risk than any other Restricted Waste that’s been deposited there for many years.

“This complex is five kilometres from the nearest residential development and has been operating since 1989,” he said.

“It was Labor, who in 2008, allowed the Kemps Creek facility to change from taking Industrial Waste to Restricted Solid Waste.

“It was Labor, in the same year, which gave the Lidcombe hazardous waste facility a $4 million upgrade to allow it to continue to store hazardous waste.

“No hazardous radioactive material is going to Kemps Creek. If by chance such material is found it will be housed in the appropriate licensed facility at Lidcombe,” he said.

Mr Pearce reminds residents that public submissions to the proposed Hunters Hill Remediation Action plan close today.

It can be viewed at, or at the DPI Information Centre at 23-33 Bridge St, Sydney.