Matt Kean MP
Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation

Industry and community to help make short-term holiday letting work

The short-term accommodation industry and the community will be part of a broad consultation led by the NSW Government to address private holiday letting.

In October 2016, the NSW Parliament Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning made a number of recommendations to the Government relating to planning matters and strata laws following its public inquiry on the Adequacy of Regulation of Short Term Holiday Letting.

Today the Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, and the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Matt Kean, said community and industry feedback on options was needed to identify appropriate regulations for short-term holiday letting as part of its response to the recommendations.

Minister Roberts is responsible for planning issues while Minister Kean is responsible for strata issues.

“I thank the Parliamentary Committee for its effort and welcome the recommendations. The NSW Government, like the committee, is dedicated to resolving regulation for short-term holiday letting for everyone,” Mr Roberts said.

“It’s no surprise that NSW and Sydney are highly sought after destinations for international and domestic visitors, however, we must find a balance between providing options for accommodation and residents being able to go about their daily lives. This will support the best environment for residents and visitors so that it is a great destination.

“The inquiry recommendations make sense, but the regulation of short-term letting needs broader engagement with the industry and the community to establish a model that enables it to continue to flourish and innovate whilst ensuring the amenity and safety of users and the wider community are protected.

“It's sensible to take time on a complex issue like this, which is why we are releasing an options paper next month.”

Minister Kean said the Government is focused on finding a common ground that effectively addresses the concerns of everyone involved.

“We need to find what will work best for the people of NSW, which is why we’re issuing an options paper for discussion with relevant stakeholders,” Mr Kean said.

“We don’t want a holiday accommodation market that’s so over-regulated it puts people off coming here but the rights of residents who live near these properties must be considered too.

“While short-term holiday letting, if properly managed and respected by all parties, can be a boost to the local economy, the need to protect people’s rights to the quiet enjoyment of their own homes is equally important.”

The NSW Government’s options paper, drawing on the expertise of the Department of Planning and Environment and Department of Fair Trading, will explore approaches to implement a whole of government framework and address the land use and planning issues, and strata management issues including the amenity and safety of existing residents.