Government requests cleaning contract proposals

The NSW Government has resumed the procurement of its outsourced cleaning contract, known as the Whole-of-Government Facilities Management Contract, to provide services to approximately 4,200 government sites across the State, including schools, TAFE campuses, ambulance stations and fire stations.

CEO of Property NSW, Brett Newman, said the Government was focused on ensuring the new contract delivered value for money for the people of NSW, while also ensuring a more equitable distribution of cleaning resources across sites.

“The current Whole-of-Government Facilities Management Contract has been in place for seven years and costs more than $400 million per annum,” Mr Newman said.

“Times have changed and it’s appropriate to consider how we can deliver improved service and value for money for the State’s taxpayers, while at the same time protecting the jobs of permanently employed cleaners who were hired prior to 2 March 2018.”

While protecting the jobs of many cleaners, the new contract will move, over the contract term, to a fairer model of delivering cleaning services based on the total square metres cleaned rather than the current approach of fixed hours at different locations.

Property NSW is now seeking revised proposals from respondents as part of its Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

“The Government is inviting respondents to last year’s procurement process to submit revised proposals on how improvements in quality and innovation can add value to the delivery of cleaning services, while also maintaining cleaners’ current protections and entitlements,” Mr Newman said.

To cater to the revised timeframe, the Government recently extended the contracts of existing cleaning service providers from 30 June 2018 to 1 March 2019.

The Government will continue to consult with stakeholders throughout the process.

Property NSW manages the Whole-of-Government Facilities Management Contract on behalf of participating agencies. 

 Eight new contracts to deliver maintenance services to about 3,000 government sites, expected to save the Government more than $60 million, were awarded in April and came into effect on 1 July.

 More information is available here

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