Free access to Government property sales data

The public will have access to data showing the number and value of properties sold by NSW Government agencies under a new online report launched by Property NSW.

CEO of Property NSW, Brett Newman, said the Property Asset Sales Report (PASR) delivered on the Government’s commitment to provide greater transparency on its property sales program.

The one-page report includes a list of all property assets sold by current government cluster agencies, including State Owned Corporations and Public Trading Enterprises.

“The clear, easy-to-use reporting format will show the number and value of properties sold by current government cluster agencies each year, dating back to the 2011/12 financial year,” Mr Newman said.

“The NSW Government owns more than 270,000 properties yet recycles less than two per cent of its portfolio each year, delivering much-needed funding to improve services.

“This recycling enables investment in schools, roads, transport and other services.

“By taking a whole-of-government approach and consolidating data, we are able to provide greater transparency and a valuable information service for the public.”

The sales data is sourced from the Government Property Register – a NSW Government database which contains details on more than 270,000 Government-owned properties across the State.

The PASR will initially include annual sales data for the 2011/12 to 2015/16 financial years. The 2016/17 financial year data will be added later this year and the report will be updated annually.

The PASR will complement the existing Contracts Register, which is a requirement under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and will provide an even more robust reporting framework for the Government.

The PASR is now live at Property NSW’s website HERE and Data NSW website HERE.

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