Four Millers Point Terraces For Sale

Property NSW, on behalf of Family and Community Services, today announced a further four terrace properties for sale in Millers Point.

All properties for sale in Millers Point are accompanied by strict heritage protections, including NSW Heritage Council-endorsed Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) accompanying all contracts for sale.

  • 82 Kent Street (four bedrooms)
  • 48 Kent Street (two bedrooms)
  • 7 Lower Fort Street (six bedrooms)
  • 30 Merriman Street (three bedrooms)

These properties will be marketed for sale by McGrath Estate Agents and will be auctioned on 13 July.

There are only a handful of vacant individual terrace properties still remaining in Millers Point.

Over the coming months the sale program will switch to a new product mix, including a diverse range of lofts and apartments and blocks of units.

Proceeds from the sale of Millers Point properties will fund 1,500 new social housing dwellings across the State, with 590 new fit-for-purpose social housing dwellings funded to date.

A total of 90 Millers Point properties have been sold, delivering almost $252 million for social housing.

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7 Lower Fort Street

View from 7 Lower Fort Street

30 Merriman Street

View from 30 Merriman Street