Flexible work to drive step-change across government

A move to a fully flexible NSW public sector provides an opportunity for the NSW Government to re-think its approach to office accommodation, according to a report by Property NSW. 

The report, Flexible Working in Government, states the move towards full flexibility provides an opportunity to deliver more ‘flexible work hubs’ across government – whereby departments share office space and resources – to drive improved productivity, to enhance recruitment and retention, and to lower costs.

“Our survey shows that 81 per cent of NSW residents say that having the option to work from different office locations or hubs would have an impact on their employer of choice,” Property NSW CEO Brett Newman said.

“With the NSW Government policy to have a fully flexible workforce by 2019, we need to think beyond individual departments and start thinking about how our workplaces of the future will cater to a demographic shift.”

Mr Newman said 4 Parramatta Square will be a prime example of government departments coming together in a shared, flexible facility with a coordinated, collaborative fit out, and there are opportunities for other departments to follow suit.

“The NSW Government’s office accommodation spans more than one million square metres across metropolitan and regional NSW, and there are opportunities to think about how we can work together in flexible working hubs to deliver better outcomes,” Mr Newman said.

The research cites a better work/life balance, an easier commute and enhanced productivity as the key benefits of a move to more flexible working arrangements.

The report acknowledges that any changes to accommodation policy should be consistent with the flexible working framework developed by the Public Service Commission, and the DFSI policy.

Watch an animation on flexible working in government HERE.

Read the report HERE.

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