First female Surveyor General honoured at the Inn

NSW Surveyor General Narelle Underwood will be honoured later today by the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW at The Surveyor General Inn in Berrima where her photo will be hung alongside those who have held the position since it was first created in 1787.

The position has a long history with Augustus Alt being appointed to the role before he arrived in the colony with the First Fleet. Mrs Underwood is NSW’s 25th Surveyor General and the first female to hold the title.

Mrs Underwood said: “It was during a visit to the Inn in 2015 when my husband Chris commented that it would be amazing if I was the first woman to have my photo on the wall of the Inn. It was the first time I considered what an honour it would be to one day serve as the State’s Surveyor General. Little did I realise that 18 months later I would be appointed to the position”.

“I have always seen the role of the Surveyor General as the pinnacle of the surveying profession and I hope that I serve as an example for young people (women and men) who might be considering entering a career in surveying,” Mrs Underwood said.

“With significant government investment in infrastructure and continuing growth in the housing development industry we have a shortage of skilled surveyors in NSW and I’m working with the professional bodies and academic institutions to increase enrolment numbers.” 

“Since commencing in the role I have concentrated on regulatory reform and engagement with the surveying and spatial information professions, ensuring that the standard of work meets the expectations of the public in a time where access to geospatial information is increasing at a rapid rate. It’s very easy for people to capture data these days, but harder to provide advice and ensure that the data is fit for purpose.”

Chief Executive Officer Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW, Mrs Michelle Blicavs said it was an honour to publicly acknowledge the first female Surveyor General for NSW and indeed Australia.

“Being the first female Surveyor General will place Mrs Underwood’s name in the history books alongside the men who came before her who had a significant impact on the development of NSW as I am sure she will continue to do,” Mrs Blicavas said. 

Registered Surveyors define, help manage and protect the space around us. From the smallest plot to multi-million dollar developments, the world is organised and legal ownership is determined through the expertise of Registered Surveyors.

The role of the Surveyor General is to lead land and mining surveying professions in NSW, ensuring they meet community expectations and help deliver on the Government’s objectives.

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