Fair Trading warns the public about four open flued gas heaters

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner, Rose Webb is warning the public about four open flued gas log space heaters after they failed safety testing. The warning applies to:

  • Regency i31 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd
  • Regency F38 and FG38 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd and the F38 and FG38 models branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006 (excluding LP models)
  • Real Flame Pyrotech (manufactured from 2012) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd
  • Nectre 2000 (manufactured from 2007) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd.

Consumers who own any of the identified heater models are being warned not to use the heaters until they have been tested by the supplier.

All four models failed safety tests, which were brought about after blanket testing of open flued gas space heaters, organised by Consumers Affairs Energy Safe Victoria. An investigation into the heaters was in response to the tragic death of an individual which was linked to a Vulcan Heritage Heater and a subsequent Coronial Inquest in Victoria.

 “Due to the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning for users, it is essential for consumers who own these heaters to register with the supplier and have the heater tested and modified by a licensed gas fitter. Where there are no other issues affecting performance, the modification will make the heater safe and the supplier will meet costs,” Ms Webb said.

However, should there be issues with the heater because of poor maintenance or anything not related to the modification, such as installation issues, the owner will be responsible for the related repairs. There may be circumstances where the heater has to be isolated due to spillage of carbon monoxide or other dangerous exhaust gases.

Consumers with the Regency i31, Regency F38/FG38 or Masport F38/FG38 heater models should contact Fireplace Products Australia at safety@regency-fire.com.au or call 1800 860 660.

Consumers with the Real Flame Pyrotech or Nectre 2000 should contact Glen Dimplex Australia at productservice@realflame.com.au or call 1300 014 389.

“All households with open flued gas heaters should have their heaters serviced by a licensed gas fitter at least once every two years,” Ms Webb said.

For more information visit fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.

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