Fair Trading says ‘no bad eggs in Easter Showbags’

Fair Trading inspectors have found no dangerous items in the 358 types of showbags that will go on sale at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said families visiting this year’s Royal Easter Show can be assured every effort has been made to ensure the event is as safe as possible.

“Inspectors from NSW Fair Trading have been working with the Royal Agricultural Society, exhibitors and showbag distributors to inspect showbags, gas and electrical installations at food stalls, and sideshow alley games.

All bags will be reassessed on opening day and Fair Trading officers will also take a look through the stalls for any products requiring assessment,” Ms Webb said.

The inspections were carried out by six Fair Trading officers who examined a range of items, focussed on products which may be appealing to children 36 months or younger. Items that are deemed appealing to younger children are scrutinised more closely. Officers check for:

  • Choking hazards; Whether small parts of a product can be dislodged and are small enough to swallow
  • Cosmetic products; That ingredients are clearly labelled, or signage is located at the sale point
  • Projectile toys; Products such as bow and arrows or toy guns must carry appropriate warning in relation to misuse – and an improvised projectile, such as a pen or pencil cannot be substituted
  • Batteries; Must not be accessible without the use of a tool or can only be accessed by a minimum of two independent movements to open the compartment

Ms Webb said compliance was excellent this year, with only a few items requiring minor adjustments. These included; the labelling of ingredients on some cosmetic products and an assurance that a toy from an overseas supplier had the required battery safety controls in place.

“We write to the businesses involved individually each year, outlining Fair Trading’s expectations because prevention, in the safety space, is much better than treatment,” Ms Webb said.

The SafeWork team has been present throughout the setup of amusement devices and stands and will attend each business day until the Show’s conclusion, regularly checking the work health and safety practices of retailers and exhibitors.

The Easter show will run from Friday, 12 April until Tuesday, 23 April 2019.

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