Fair Trading Is Not Playing Around With Toy Safety

Fair Trading continues to crack down on dangerous toys in the marketplace following the successful prosecution of two Western Sydney traders.

Two traders, from Rooty Hill and Blacktown, have been ordered to pay almost $10,000 in fines and costs by Parramatta Local Court following their conviction for selling unsafe toys.

Ming Fai (Australia) Pty Ltd, trading as Bargainzone (Gifts & Variety), was ordered to pay $2,899 in fines and costs for selling Dora the Explorer 3D light car and Thomas & Friends Flashing Train Easy Comedy the Mini Train.

Li Fang Dong, trading under the name Rooty Hill Discount, received a larger penalty, paying $6,952 in fines and costs for the sale of the Thomas & Friends Jayd Bubble and Cartoon Likeability Music Car, both of which failed to meet the necessary safety standards. This trader had been prosecuted previously for selling children’s toys that failed to meet safety standards in December 2015 and fined $4,000.

All toys involved in the prosecutions were identified to have small ingestible pieces that could break off from the product. Both the Dora the Explorer 3D Light car and the Thomas & Friends Flashing Train Easy Comedy the Mini Train also had unsatisfactory security cover to the battery pack, which could be easily accessed by little fingers.

Fair Trading Commissioner, Rod Stowe, said it was vitally important for consumers to be aware of these hazards.

“With the recent tragic incident where a child ingested a small battery with almost fatal consequences, I urge all parents and carers to be vigilant when purchasing toys for children,” Mr Stowe said.

Mr Stowe said if the price of a product seemed too good to be true, then it probably was.

“Cheaper versions of products can often be an indicator that it’s not compliant with the necessary safety standards. To avoid this you can make sure that you’re always buying from a reputable and well-known trader,” Mr Stowe said.

Photos of the toys involved in the prosecutions are shown below.



Dora the Explorer and Thomas and Friends

Dora the Explorer and Thomas and Friends


Thomas Jayd Bubble

Thomas Jayd Bubble

Likability Music Car

Likeability Music Car